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If you were searching a game which can reduce your pressure and get rid of the lies, the deceit of your ex in a way, that you will be able to forget him/her for a lifetime. Whack your Ex or Whack your girlfriend or boyfriend is a game which gets you out all the frustrations and anger.

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You can insult and whack your ex as much as you want. You can give him a gift, select from the game Windows and that will explore in a way, either it will get his/her life out of him/her or you would disrespect him and insult him/her/.

You can play this game by using your mouse; it is easy to handle the game. Use the items available at the bottom of the Playing windows as a tool and weapons to kill your ex.

You can play this game online it will be loaded on your HTML browser, and there is a wide range of weapons which can be used against your ex.

You can check the rating of the game, and by that, you would come to know the popularity of this game. Play Whack your ex-game from here and get rid of the tension, frustration, and anger which had indulged in you due to your ex.

As that anger or frustration can make you fall ill, it would be ideal to get rid of it.

But, remember it is just a game do not do this actually to your partner, otherwise, you will have to live alone in all of your upcoming days.

Both girls and boys can play the game, there are portions to play. If you are a girl, you can handle the character from the right of the Windows and vice versa.

Much fun game, have fun playing the game but do not play it while having your partner with you. try this game also happy wheels

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